Custom hydraulic cylinders

We carry out at the request of our customers, standard hydraulic cylinders.

We work both steel and stainless steel.

Special paint applications on cylinders to your specifications. Possibility of preparation for long-term storage Specific packaging

Here are the standard features of our cylinders, however we do not limit ourselves to these Contact us for any specific request. One of our technicians will answer you about the feasibility of your project.

Main Features
Type Speed Bore diameter Length Pressure Temperature Fluid
Simple ou Double effect ± 0,4 m/s de 35mm à 620mm race up to 8m application up to 1500 bar -40°C / 200°C Oil
Pure water
Glycolated water
Characteristics of the Rod material
Single or double effect Full or Hollow Single or Telescopic Chrome
Nickel + Chrome

With its experience in hydraulics, ACIM Hydro offers a wide range of products: cylinders, rotating joints, boosters, boosters and additional functions, providing a specific solution to your needs.