Our market fields


ACIM Hydro has been able to develop and refine its expertise in the field of hydraulics and has set itself the objective to provide quality products and services


The majority of our products are are off-catalogue products that require special study and the definition of a very precise specification. That is why we have an in-house development and engineering center which allows us to study the feasibility of your hydraulic projects and feedback to you in short lead times.

R&D and calculation

For the modelling of our cylinders, , we use Autocad (2D), Inventor (3D) and Solidworks (3D) software that have powerful and flexible features. . In addition, software has been developed in-house to make our calculations easier and more reliable..

Finally, we provide special manuals per reques:

  • calculation
  • preventive maintenance
  • disassembly
Manufacture and assembly

Today, our machine range allows us to produce cylinders from the single part to the small and medium series, , from 35 mm up to 1000mm in diameter and up to 10 meters long, for a maximum weight of 10 tons. .
Indeed, we are equipped for: turning, milling, drilling, welding, burnishing, assembly and even to paint our products.

ACIM Hydro Hydro has its own assembly hall.
In addition, our assemblers have a know-how and a long experience in the assembly of hydraulic cylinders which allows us to guarantee the quality of the finished products..

Quality commitments and tests

According to your requests, we can provide you with:

  • The quality process
  • Notice : calculation, preventive maintenance
  • Certificate de conformity
  • Material traceability : material certificate
  • Documents traceability : archiving of customers’ files for life
  • Traceability coating: Paint and rod coating certificate
  • Repair expertise
  • Mechanical checks
  • Dimensional checks: dimensional control and control sheets
  • Non-destructive controls:penetrant, ultrasound, magnetic scan (PV);
  • Hydraulic controls
  • After assembly, each product is tested for pressure and leakage.
  • Dynamic test bench (60l/min; capacity: 600 litres) Mineral oils and biodegradable oils
  • Portable measuring device HMG 3000: pressure measurements, temperatures and flow rates, supply of test graphs

Our technical experience provides high diagnostic reliability for for maintenance, troubleshooting, disassembly, renovation or refurbishment of hydraulic cylinders.

Our expertise is recognized and we can provide concrete solutions to the problems of your equipment performance.

After disassembly you can witness the expertise we have.